Meet the Recruiters and
Credentialing Team

Group 5820

Healthcare Recruiters

To offer a world class experience, you must have world class people! Meet the award
winning recruiters of IDR Healthcare.

Group 6023

Hi! I’m Katie, a CHEERful healthcare recruiter with a passion for connecting talented individuals with opportunities. Outside of IDR, you can find me at cheerleading practice where I train on a World’s team. Grab your pom poms and join me at team IDR!

Katie Hooper

Healthcare Recruiter

Group 6014

I love being a healthcare recruiter because I get to connect with nurses all over the country and help them find their dream role. It is so nice getting to know them and learn more about them as a person and why they chose nursing as their career!

Cara Furphy

Healthcare Recruiter

Group 6015

I am committed to building strong relationships with the many brave, heroic and dedicated healthcare professionals!

Emily Greco

Healthcare Recruiter

Dilan-Holcomb (1)

Hey I'm Dilan! My goal is to find your next adventure and build lifelong friends! Lets Connect today!

Dilan Holcomb

Healthcare Recruiter

Zane (1)

When I know what motivates my clinicians about their specialty and traveling, I’m able to find a great fit for you!

Zane Dockweiler

Healthcare Recruiter

Group 6020

Passionate healthcare recruiter connecting top talent for better patient care!

Bridget Kazay

Healthcare Recruiter

Group 6021

Your personalized travel advocate, committed to sculpting seamless paths for your nursing adventures! 🙂

Sarah Theirer

Healthcare Recruiter


I'm Mal, a dedicated healthcare recruiter connecting talent with rewarding opportunities in the healthcare industry! Start your adventure with me today!

Mallarie Fila

Healthcare Recruiter

Julie-Wiggins (1)

Building meaningful connections and providing travel opportunities to my clinicians is incredibly fulfilling to me! Let's connect to find your next adventure!

Julie Wiggins

Healthcare Recruiter

Group 6022

When I'm not helping travelers secure their dream assignments, I am obtaining my MBA & MHA - Along with umpire baseball games for kids!

Curtis Jamerson

Healthcare Recruiter

We recruit the person,
not the position!

Why did you choose to become a Healthcare Professional?

What do you love to do when you’re not working?

Contact a recruiter to tell us your story or land your next Travel Assignment.


Credentialing Specialists

Meet our Credentialing Specialists dedicated to providing personalized service and accessibility ensuring travelers experience the most efficient process possible. Our goal is that you are comfortable, compliant, and that you start your assignment on time!


I love being able to work more behind the scenes assisting to ensure that our clinicians have everything they need while on assignment so that they can focus on being rockstars in the field!

Terae Mathis

Healthcare Engagement Administrator


My passion for what we do stems from the knowledge that our work allows nurses to swiftly embark on their assignments, ultimately enhancing patient care and well-being across the healthcare industry. 

Mary Grace Foster

Director of Compliance

Group 6026

Working in the HC industry for the last 4 years, I get to work with our clinicians to ensure patients are getting the best quality care.

Nichole Hollar

Credentialing Manager

Group 6028

I love working closely with our clinicians to create a smooth onboarding process, so patients can get the care they need.

Brittney Castona

Credentialing Specialist


Keeping up with regulatory and staffing law, risk management, and more is a thrill to me, and I’m happy I get to keep IDR HC compliant with my knowledge!

Amanda Harrison

Compliance Specialist II

Did you know…..


IDR Healthcare is above industry average with a 90% on time start average


Average credentialing turnaround is 12 days


We reimburse for required licenses and certifications.

Group 60145

While on assignment, we compensate you for the time to renew expiring documents


Our Travelers have rated our credentialing team 4.78/5 stars

Our Joint Commission Credentialing requirements ensure you are compliant at the highest standard possible.