IDR Healthcare Recruiter: Dilan Holcomb

Dilan Holcomb Healthcare Recruiter

Dilan Holcomb is one of our talented healthcare recruiters here at IDR. He’s been part of our internal team for six months, and we’re so grateful for his efforts on behalf of our travel nurses. We sat down with Dilan to understand more about his day-to-day as a healthcare recruiter and how IDR is shaping his career.

Dilan’s Perspective On Recent Placements

One of his recent placements was for a clinician who was looking for a job in Colorado Springs. The clinician had never been to Colorado before, but Dilan had lived there and helped him navigate the process through his personal experience with the city. 

“Since he (the clinician) has been there, I have witnessed his success and learned about the incredible opportunities he has to advance the facilities he is at. I am truly grateful to be a part of that journey with him.”

These personalized placement stories are common at IDR, where our internal and external teams share a love for travel, fostering connections between recruiters and travelers.

Dilan’s Perspective On Working For An ESOP Company

An Employee Stock Ownership Program is a unique component of our benefits package offered in addition to a traditional 401K.

“Embracing an ownership mentality and having the chance to be heard, with the awareness that every action resonates not just individually but resonates across the entire company, is truly amazing. In my previous encounters with other companies, the sense of making an immediate impact was noticeably absent.”

The IDR Healthcare ESOP stands out, influencing travelers’ decisions when considering staffing contracts. 

Dilan emphasizes the drive it instills, saying, “I love owning a part of what I do every day. Not only am I a part of the ESOP, but the people I am recruiting can be a part of an ESOP too.”

See Your Career From Dilan’s Perspective

Step into Dilan’s perspective and consider joining the positive and empowering culture at IDR Healthcare. Experience the same ESOP opportunity and explore current openings here.


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